Capital Gains Tax 

Capital gains tax planning and advice from APB Accountants helps you understand if you will need to pay capital gains tax and, if you do, how much. With careful planning you can prevent unexpected tax bills.  
Capital gains tax is generally charged on profits during the transfer of ownership on assets. If a property has increased in value since it's purchase and it's ownership changes either by sale or even if you just give it away then you may be liable to pay capital gains tax. 
APB Accountants can advise and help you plan out any transfer of ownership on properties and ensure you understand and are aware of any capital gains tax you will be required to pay. APB Accountants work throughout Ilfracombe, Barnstaple and Devon helping businesses and home owners with tax issues. 
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If you have any questions about Capital Gains tax in Ilfracombe, Barnstaple or Devon call today. 
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